As the origination point of our entire organization, the King of Prussia corporate office consists exclusively of top professionals in the field, whose commitment and passion are unwavering — and unparalleled.

Recovery Centers of America is on a mission to deliver the highest-quality, most affordable, and most accessible addiction treatment available and it falls on the King of Prussia corporate office to guide all of RCA’s existing and newly opening facilities in accomplishing our goals as well as helping them reach the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction. We’re always improving our processes and making sure our facilities are the best that they can be.

Competitive Salaries

Great Benefits

High Growth Potential


One of the keys RCA’s King of Prussia success is great management. RCA’s management team has a proven track record of scaling a multi-site substance abuse treatment organization across the United States. A strong leadership team isn’t just great for the company, it’s also an opportunity to learn from the best and grow as a professional.

  • The average experience of RCA’s management team is 20 years and the combined team has operated over 800 behavioral healthcare facilities
  • RCA’s management team has led organizations that treated over 65,000 patients daily
  • The RCA team has extensive expertise in delivering exceptional clinical care as well as with healthcare operations, acquisition and integration, finance and accounting, IT, billing, sales and marketing, human resources, and training

Chief Executive Officer
J. Brian O’Neill

J. Brian O'Neill, CEO

CEO of O’Neill Properties Group, MLP Builders and the Royal Group.

Chief Scientific Officer
Deni Carise

Dr. Deni Carise, Chief Scientific Officer

Former Chief Clinical Officer of CRC Health which treated over 42,000 patients daily when it acquired the largest Substance Use Disorder provider in the U.S.

Chief Operating Officer
J.P. Christen

J.P. Christen, Chief Operating Officer

Former VP of Finance of Universal Health Services, a Fortune 500 Company.

Chief Financial Officer
Kevin McClure

Kevin McClure, Chief Financial Officer

Former CFO of NHS Human Services, the largest non-profit Human Services company in the U.S. with 700 locations.

Chief Admin. Officer
Deanna Telese

Deanna Telese, Chief Administrative Officer

Former VP-Corporate Controller at NHS Human Services, responsible for their accounting, budget and internal controls.


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Human Resources
Information Systems
Mission Center
Quality Management and Compliance

RCA’s Acquisitions Department is responsible for the acquisition of new facilities, remodeling newly acquired facilities and raising investments to make sure Recovery Centers of America hits it’s desired growth rates. Acquisitions maintains a consistent process of looking for new opportunities across all potential treatment formats, setting goals for the company and forecasting future growth. One of the key functions of acquisitions is maintaining an intimate relationship with our investors in order to keep them consistently informed on the present status of RCA operations as well as all of our future growth goals.


RCA’s Clinical Department, a subset of Operations, is responsible for monitoring and guiding our facilities to make sure all treatments are up to date with the latest science and are consistently meeting patient needs. They design new treatment programs based on patient feedback and regularly travel to sites in order to teach new and old clinical material to the staff. The clinical department is also in charge of creating printed educational materials such as workbooks, handouts and patient assessments to be used at all of our facilities. Clinical at the King of Prussia consists of accredited experts in the field of addiction treatment and are expected to offer guidance and expertise to clinical directors at all facilities as well as all relevant departments at King of Prussia.


The Finance Department provides critical support to the operations of RCA through the functions of corporate administration, accounting, billing, cash control, bill collections, corporate development, acquisitions, lab operations, payroll, procurement and accounts payable. With an ever-present eye on financial performance, evaluation of growth opportunities, and strong attention to cost-effectiveness, the Finance Team strives to maintain responsible stewardship of the company’s funds while ensuring RCA is appropriately positioned for success.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department manages a range of different functions within Recovery Centers of America. The department is responsible for recruiting, screening, and interviewing qualified candidates. HR handles employee relations, payroll administration, benefits, and plays a strategic role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment.

Information Systems

The Information Systems Department at Recovery Centers of America KoP is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software, and networking of computers. Our IS professional, perform a number of duties to ensure that employees have full access to the computer systems, as well ensure our data scientists and management have access to necessary data to gauge and optimize the performance of RCA and it’s facilities. The IS team is also responsible for managing and improving multiple software platforms, such as our Electronic Medical Records software, Avatar, our customer relationship management software, Salesforce, our online marketing platform Marketo and our Voice Over IP telephony system managed by Invoca and Five9.


RCA Marketing Department’s focus is on educating the public about the disease of addiction and creating awareness that local, affordable, and accessible help is available at RCA sites, in the form of inpatient, outpatient, and medication-assisted treatment. The department is responsible for both strategy and execution, analyzing the effectiveness of the efforts, and improving them over time in order to help more patients. The growing, in-house marketing department covers all aspects of marketing and advertising, including traditional advertising (TV, radio, print, and billboards), digital marketing (pay-per-click, SEO, display, social media, etc.), public relations, and content (copy, web development, graphics, videos, etc.).

Mission Center

RCA’s Contact Center (known as the Mission Center) is the initial point of contact for all of RCA’s clients including patients, loved ones, referrals, etc. They handle inbound calls, forms and chats, screen them for treatment eligibility and guide them towards an appropriate treatment route. Contact Center professionals are empathetic, knowledgeable, and able to connect to our patients in order to help them navigate through the entire process of admission to treatment.


RCA’s Operations Department is responsible for overseeing the day to day of all inpatient and outpatient programs at Recovery Centers of America. In order to provide affordable, quality and convenient treatment and ensure the success of our mission to save one million lives. The Operations team collaborates with teams at all RCA sites as well as those in the KoP office, including finance, compliance, patient accounts, the mission center, IT/EMR, legal, managed care, marketing, medical records, and HR. Operations is also responsible for developing, overseeing, and maintaining processes that guarantee exceptional patient care and satisfaction among all stakeholders, including patients, families, staff members, investors, payers, legislators, and the community.

Quality Management and Compliance

RCA’s Quality Management and Compliance Department serves as the company’s independent oversight team. It ensures that everything that happens in RCA complies with applicable laws, regulations, and rules such as State Regulations, Accreditors HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2 and plays an essential role in helping to preserve the integrity and reputation of the Recovery Centers of America as a whole.


The Sales Department at RCA King of Prussia consists of Treatment Advocates (also known as Business Development Officers) who work with the communities inside our areas of operation to build positive relationships with various businesses and government institutions and assure every member of our community has open access to high quality addiction treatment.


RCA gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions and create a plan to improve processes. We are building programs that truly help people who normally can’t find help. The CEO is very passionate about fighting this disease. I have watched dozens of people advance quickly into roles they did not think were possible.”

Talent Acquisition Specialist @ King of Prussia

RCA has a clear mission, vision, and identity and is filled with passionate people. Everyone working here knows what RCA believes in and what everyone is working toward. Career and project growth for employees is practiced and not provided lip service. RCA is a culture of collaboration. As little politics and drama as possible. While politics and drama are always going to happen, all of us work hard to stomp it out. It’s not about us, it’s about our patients. RCA works hard on a culture of open communication, leadership craves honest feedback from its team members. We take our work seriously because we save lives each and every day, all day but we do have fun, too. RCA has approachable leadership whom actually listens and a fun, open, energetic and creative environment where everyone can make a significant difference in the world.”

-Alumni Director @ King of Prussia

Having only worked at Recovery Centers of America for a short time, it’s already clear that everyone is 100% behind the mission of helping those struggling with addiction. It is motivating and energizing to work with a team of people who has the patients’ best interests in mind.”

Marketing Team Member @ King of Prussia