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E00869 – VP, CRM of Shoutout

Full-time Position



The VP of Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Rollout and Adoption of the new RCA digital Channel, ShoutOut will re-engineer continuum of care in order to provide the patient with comprehensive parallel and sequential care in order to insure positive outcomes. We will together reconfigure and reengineer the operation teams within Inpatient and Outpatient facilities to create a constant and consistent connection and usage of all three channels: Inpatient, Outpatient and Digital. You will work with the clinical and marketing teams to establish specific products incorporating all three and treating age groups from 18 +. These products will be communicated clearly to the public, business development and internal operating teams at RCA. You will work with Christina Madeira in Operation’s and Shawn Hanrahan in Human Resources. You will report to Brian O’Neill and Lisa Luskin. Brian will provide global operating assistance and Lisa Luskin will provide marketing fire power.

At Recovery Centers of America, we receive thousands upon thousands of contacts per month from those seeking behavioral health services at our hospitals or through our digital health platform. The VP of Customer Relationship Management and Digital Health Marketing will focus on improving the volume and conversion of contacts into patient admissions, particularly digital health admissions, advancing our mission to save lives from the disease of substance use disorder and mental illness.

Working closely with our Call Center, Marketing, and Site Operations, you will nurture, educate and inspire those seeking help to commit to help. Upon receiving help from RCA, the patient’s ongoing commitment to remain focused on their recovery will be a primary focus of the VP. Studies show that the longer someone remains in treatment, the higher the likelihood they have of maintaining successful recovery. For that reason, our full curriculum of care was established, and our patients can remain with us for expert inpatient treatment, outpatient care, either in person or via telehealth, for medication-assisted treatment, for family educational groups and services, and more The VP will drive ‘cross-sell’ and nurture efforts to ensure our patients are fully aware of, enrolled for and utilizing all digital health products and services RCA has to offer them.

The VP should have a passion for mission-driven technology-based healthcare companies and expertise expanding relationships with existing customers and driving customer growth with new customers. They will lead all the B2C Marketing efforts across digital and traditional channels, as well as B2B efforts. Channels to be leveraged include, but are not limited to, paid digital (paid search, display, social, etc.), television, radio, print, social media, sponsorships, influencer marketing, partnerships, affiliates, and more. Experience with these marketing channels is required. The VP will also play a heavy part in content creation.

The VP should have experience establishing and managing a team as well as managing agencies, and have a passion for coaching, mentoring and leading by example. The VP will start with the pre-existing team of a few members and continue to grow it. They should be comfortable and amenable to being very hands on and executing alongside others. They will report to the CMO of Recovery Centers of America and will work closely with the CEO of the company.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Drive contact volume into the Mission Center for digital health services and drive conversion of those contacts into customers of RCA
  • Increase RCA’s retention of patients from initial call through inpatient (where applicable) through outpatient and other services such as family groups, premium content subscriptions, etc.
  • Establish and aggressively grow RCA in the telehealth space to become a nationwide, leading provider of mental health telehealth services in the US.
  • Meet and exceed company-wide goals around patients receiving outpatient treatment via tele-health and customers subscribing to our content.
  • Plan and execute advertising campaigns to grow existing markets and establish RCA telehealth in new markets throughout the US. Campaigns will be multi-channel, inclusive of digital, traditional, etc.
  • Collaborate on creative development to support new programs, products and services, including hands-on copywriting, landing pages, ad campaigns, etc.
  • Manage the creative distribution process, ensuring that our messaging is cohesive and organized across all marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Manage a significant budget in terms of planning, tracking, optimizing, and reporting, and often working closely with Finance.
  • Analyze real-time and trending performance, have a strong handle on the KPIs of the business and sharing your analysis throughout the organization
  • Partner closely with the call center, the directors of various lines of businesses, and clinical team members across the organization to ensure our strategy, execution and results are on point
  • Conduct market research on other telehealth and outpatient providers and identify opportunities to improve or expand upon our services
  • Communicate trends, highlights, and lessons to internal colleagues in a professional, succinct manner.
  • Vet new and emerging advertising opportunities in all channels
  • Organize and present planning and results presentations to be shared internally with company executives and leadership.

Education and Experience:

  • 15+ years’ experience, minimum, managing cross- channel complex marketing campaigns, inclusive of digital (PPC, SEO, Social), traditional (TV, radio, out of home, print, etc.) and existing customer nurture and cross-sell marketing campaigns.
  • Experience creating and bringing to market new brands, products and services. Ideally, experience establishing a new brand in a way which results in quickly growing brand awareness and a strong reputation.
  • Comfortable in fast-paced companies with large goals and a passion for breaking new ground.
  • Experience managing a team of individuals of varying degrees of experience, while also holding significant individual responsibilities and leading or contributing to multiple projects
  • Expertise in instituting and participating in an organized creative development process for campaigns.
  • Extensive experience writing professionally, inclusive of web content, emails, internal and external presentations, and marketing material. Copywriting for television and radio scripts a plus. Examples of writings will be required.
  • Very strong project management skills is a must.
  • Solid mathematical aptitude. Ability to analyze complex datasets, understanding major KPIs in different broadcast channels.
  • Experience analyzing performance data and market trends, then communicating insights to drive future advertising strategies.
  • Communication with executive leaders of the company in a daily function.
  • Advanced skills in MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel.
  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, marketing, or any related field from an accredited institution, MBA in Marketing or a similar field preferred.



Hard working: Able to multi-task without losing attention to detail, strong time management skills, flexible and focused.

Leadership: Leads by example with integrity, respect and professionalism at all times. Remains dedicated to our cause and goals.

Branding: Establishing and managing a new brand, brand reputation

Customer Service: Meets internal and external customers’ needs in timely, effective manner. Proactive, driven, communicative and professional.

Impact and Influence: Works effectively with and through others including those whom there is no formal authority over.

Project Management: Coordinates the diverse components of projects by balancing scope, time, cost, and quality.

Communication: Communicates well both verbally and in writing, creates accurate and punctual reports, delivers presentations, shares information and ideas with others, has good listening skills.

Work Environment: Work in a professional office space

Travel: Travel as required (estimated 25-50% of the time)