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E00819 – Sales Training and Development Specialist

Full-time Position



Position Summary:

The Training and Development Specialist — Sales, (TDS-S) provides overall support for the Sales Training Department by organizing and facilitating engaging and successful training events, collaborating with leadership to determine future training needs, works with other team members to ensure accurate and engaging course materials, and evaluates training effectiveness.


Primary Responsibilities:

· Organize and execute all training events for the Sales Department ensuring each is effective in their training results, on budget, and completed within expected time frames.

· Develop sales training to be delivered.

· Maintain accurate records of continuing education needs and accomplishments of the Sales Department.

· Collaborate with the Sales Dept. Leadership team at least quarterly to objectively assess training needs for future events.

· Collaborate with other Sales Training Dept. team members to create engaging and effective sales training materials and courses by providing feedback from various sources.

· Objectively measure the success of each training session as established by the Director of Training — Sales.

· Ensure completion of all post-training evaluations completed, analyzing the results, and providing summarized feedback and suggested courses of action within 30 days of course completion.

· Review all training materials and curriculum at least quarterly to ensure the course is current with business practices.

· Provide in the field sales training to the sales team.

· Research industry standards and practices on business and training, remaining up to date on developments within the industry and competitors.

· Serve as a subject matter expert for internal systems used by the sales department.


Education & Experience

· Bachelor’s Degree Required

· 5 or more years of sales experience required

· Salesforce knowledge Required

· Working knowledge of PowerPoint required

· Working knowledge of MS teams preferred

· Working knowledge of MS Suite preferred