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Recovery Centers of America at King of Prussia

Full-time Position


SEO Web Developer


GENETWORx is a lab with the central focus of positively impacting the lives of people. With expertise in COVID-19, pharmacogenetic testing, and personalized health, GENETWORx is a CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratory. That accreditation is the gold standard awarded to clinical laboratories that exceed inspection qualifications and ensure a consistent level of service that positively impacts patient care. Owned by Recovery Centers of America, GENETWORx quickly pivoted in March 2020 to become a leading provider of COVID-19 tests. GENETWORx offers COVID-19 accurate diagnostic tests, antibody tests, testing and reporting software, on-site testing management and more for universities and colleges, long term care facilities, Fortune 500 companies, and more.


The SEO Web Developer for GENETWORx will be part of the GENETWORx Marketing Team, based out of King of Prussia, PA, and work closely with the GENETWORx lab team based in VA.


The SEO and Web Developer will be responsible for implementing the SEO strategy for GENETWORx, including building and maintaining web pages and contributing to the lab’s many digital projects. Reporting to the Digital Marketing Director, this position will support the online marketing goals. If you are an experienced, talented SEO specialist and Web Developer who has broken new ground in creating and optimizing websites which drive demand for companies’ product and services and wish to leave your mark on a growing company, this role is for you.


Position Overview:
The GENETWORx Web Developer is responsible for designing, developing and implementing new features into GENETWORx.com and other websites. Our ideal candidate will be proficient at WordPress, including building custom themes and developing new features along with modifications to existing elements, with in-depth knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS/SCSS. They will be focused on conversion rate and enjoy the thrill of A/B testing, user insights and optimizations in order to drive growth in customer volumes.

GENETWORx has both a B2B, B2G and a B2C focus, offering products and services for physicians, long term care facilities, employers, governments and other organizations, as well as for consumers.

The ideal candidate is creative, able to aggressively identify and diagnose problems, and is results-oriented.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain world-class WordPress and eCommerce websites
  • Implement and test new website functionality and maintain existing code
  • Maximize usability and ensure technical feasibility of UI/UX designs. Identify site optimization opportunities based on data analysis, industry standards, and independent research. Utilize insights from research and analytics to form new e-commerce web solutions.
  • Construct design solutions for evolving brand and web requirements.
  • Ensure consistent and on-brand performance on all devices and browsers, including optimal load times, proper core functionality and a focus on mobile optimization and performance.
  • Run extensive QA to ensure performance consistency across all devices and browsers.
  • Develop and oversee integrations with third party solutions and technologies.
  • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases
  • Own and drive site maintenance; i.e. be an "issue finder"
  • Provide ongoing insight into the latest web trends, and make suggestions to further develop the website for a smooth end to end experience for the end user
  • Stay up to date on industry trends to seek constant ways to improve our brand and web experience.

Education and Experience:

  • BA/BS in Computer Science or related field preferred
  • Minimum 5+ years’ experience as a proven web master or developer
  • Proficient in various web standards, web analytics and SEO
  • Expertise in WordPress and eCommerce site development.
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS/SCSS
  • A strong eye for design, visual appeal and ease of navigation
  • Extensive experience in SEO and the creation of web content aimed at driving traffic
  • Expertise in Google Analytics and website optimization tools
  • Experience working with web developers and UI/UX experts in creating a customer experience that customer demand.
  • Ability to work independently and autonomously with solid decision-making skills and problem solving skills.
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and strong project and time management skills
  • High energy self-starter who is passionate about digital engagement experiences.
  • Laser focused attention to detail.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, as well as an articular and positive problem-solving attitude
  • Familiar with marketing automation platforms and integrating them into websites